The Harmonics of Happiness

flower-ladybirdHappiness lurks in tucked away corners. It is the sound that resonates in tiny creaks. An unspoken word, yet it hangs in the air like magic. Happiness is a thankful smile, a beautiful state of mind, one’s firm decision to look beyond all the negativity. Happiness is overcoming your problems by the strength of your attitude. It lingers between the hands of two lovers who hold hands tightly. It is the smile one gives to another. And it is the pure affection in each one’s eyes, promising their whole lives to one another.

Happiness is a book full of words that take the reader on a journey far beyond the confines of his comfortable couch. It is hidden beneath turned corners of the yellow pages and marked with beautiful bookmarks. It leaves trails where the reader probably placed a cup of tea and now the page has a stain to show for it. Trace your fingers on the round stain and you will perhaps see a fond memory, assumed or factual.

Just blurting out my mind tonight because I feel happy and wanted a random outburst of incoherent thoughts to celebrate it.



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