Rules – Part 1

rules-islam-salat-dua-1Welcome to the last 10 days of Ramadan.. the 10 precious days you should pray and weep your eyes out in front of Allah with the hope that He may forgive our sins and grant us what we desire.

If you know me personally, you can easily guess what I would have asked for. That’s not something I would want to state formally on my blog, but that’s not the point of this post anyway. Coming to my point…

As I folded my praying mat and wiped tears from my eyes, a fleeting thought crossed my mind about the way Allah has set universal rules for us. He tells us again and again to ask or beg only to Him, and that asking someone else of what we need will be shirk. So the perfect Muslim will not open his hands in front of anyone but The Almighty.

I can’t help but think, we humans are shackled in rules defined by God. Not that I am a rebel, no, I dare not be. I do not wish to be. Ever. But, think about it… what freedom do we have anyway? The only freedom we have is to either go against God or go according to God. I have felt immense comfort in being with God. When I know my life is going according to His rules, I feel so protected. There is no place where I feel lonely. In every happiness, in every tear, in every breath and in every emotion, I share each and every bit of it with Allah. It’s an amazing feeling; knowing Someone loves you unconditionally, knowing Someone will forgive you the minute you decide to turn back, I cannot help but wonder what other love are we looking for? God’s love is so perfect, so complete, so completely comforting that I wonder what in the world are we looking for then?

All our lives, we keeping looking outwards; we keep looking for love from humans, for success, for financial stability, for a false notion of happiness, for something to make our lives worthwhile. Why? Why haven’t we dared to see inside rather than constantly looking outside?

I feel the more I look outside, the more it takes a toll on my heart and my soul. The more I look inside, the more depth I feel, the more comfort I get, the more loved I feel. So why, why do I feel despair when things don’t go my way? Rule number 1; ask no one but Him. He will make your life complete. He will give you the comfort beyond what you ever thought you could feel.




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