Paradigm Shift


When we are young, we dream wondrous things for ourselves.

In some 20 something years past 5, we slowly go towards a phase called “mid life crisis”. It is that time of our life when we still have the remnants of youth’s invincible energy and the approaching maturity which makes us stop and think. Between the anxiety of trying to fulfil all our unfinished dreams and the increasing habit of attempting to think rationally, we are torn in a self analysis so brutal, it may make us feel we are nearing our very limits.

When we are young, we dare to do the impossible.

I had a hard time accepting the fact that motherhood will not come easily to me. At this point in life, the greatest lesson I could learn is that of patience. How silly I was to try and measure myself according to what I saw complete in other people’s lives. Why did I forget that each of us embarked on our very own personal calling. I forgot how God loves to test us in the most beautiful ways. I am not sad for the things God withheld from me. I am even not sorry for all the pain I went through because it shaped me into who I am. It is still shaping me tremendously. One’s highest purpose is to find one’s personal calling. Nothing else will fulfil us.


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