Hello there,

Welcome to my personal blog. I am glad you found your way here and were interested enough to look around. I’m a Pakistani expat, currently a housewife. I’ve had the chance to travel around in the middle east and in spiritually magical places like Iraq.

This blog is an attempt to resume my former flair of writing which I had lost in the last few months taking in all the changes going on around me. Seeing different countries and cultures, I’ve had a chance to observe people and their lives; yet I have remained too overwhelmed to be able to express all those impressions since long. I think I am finally ready to jot them all down in one way or the other. This is not a travel blog; you might get a hint about my surroundings from my usual posts. But of course, I definitely will be aiming to organize some country specific details for interested travellers from time to time.

Please share your feedback with me through comments which I will be regularly responding to. You can also use the Contact page to personally get in touch with me and I shall try to respond at my earliest. That all being said, I hope you enjoy my posts. Thanks for reading and if you like something, be kind enough to share it with your friends also.


– M


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